DIY Garage Door Springs

Is it a good idea to DIY garage door springs? It is not an impossible task but It is most definitely a dangerous one. We at handyman garage doors DO NOT recommend it. We are here today to discuss the potential risks and dangers but also to give you tips in case you really prefer doing it yourself. Your safety is always our first priority.

Torsion springs should never really be attempted on your own. They require professional tools to be able to wind up the springs. These springs specifically contain an immense amount of torque. If one of them snap as you are trying to install them it can become dangerous. What most people run into is more problems when trying to install torsion springs on their own.

Extension springs are possible to install on your own but are much more prone to snapping. This is the reason why safety cables are put into the springs in case such a situation happens. All in all it is best to get professional service.

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