Garage Door Spring Repair

Are you in need for a garage door spring repair? Do you think one of your springs are broken? Is your garage door just not opening and closing correctly? If so call us right away.

A garage door spring is not something to try and fix yourself. Their are lots of hazerdous parts on a garage door but the springs might be one of the most dangerous.

Garage Door Extension Spring

Garage door extension springs are the two springs located on the side of the overhead doors where the tracks are. Their job is to take the load off of the garage door and garage door opener. They contain a high amount of torque and are prone to snap and break during weather fluctuation.

It is important to have a safety cable inside every one of these extension springs. The safety cables protect the springs from ricochet in case they do snap. This can be very dangerous and damage both yourself or your property. If your current garage door springs do not have cables please get a technician to install them for your safety.

Garage Door Torsion Spring

A garage door torsion spring is located in front of the overhead door on top of the framing. These springs are much larger than the two extension springs that are connected to your tracks. A torsion spring should always be installed by a professional to ensure both property installation and safety. Call handyman garage doors today if you are in need of a torsion spring repair.