NJ / NY Overhead Garage Doors

More so than not people refer to overhead garage doors as a “garage door”. It is the standard type of garage door that goes up and over your head when you open it. The mechanism is controlled by several different moving parts such as springs, cables, rollers and a motor. It is convenient to have a motor or “opener” for your garage door as it takes off your work load. Many overhead garage doors don’t require a motor and can function manually.

Handyman overhead garage doors NJ / NY can repair and install any type of door. Some doors swing or open horizontally. Our specialty is in all aspects of garage doors but especially overhead ones.

Some overhead doors are made with one single panel that swings up when opened. Nevertheless most doors are made with several panels which makes it easier for the door to move upwards. Overhead doors are made of wood, metal, fiberglass, and can have an option of being insulated or not.

Aluminum doors that are not insulated are usually the lowest price point but require minimum maintenance. Wood garage doors NJ on the other hand are the most aesthetically pleasing but require lots of maintenance and can be pricey.