The garage doors always get much lesser limelight than the main entrance and our house’s back exit. Garage doors are generally undervalued though our vehicles’ security; our expensive cars depends on how well protected our garage door is. The real trouble occurs when the garage door gets damaged and needs a repair or replacement. Most people try to do the door by them-shelf, which is foolish; most of the time, they end up nothing but damaging the door more. Or, some people do it with the help of local mechanics, which is no doubt insane. While dealing with a garage door, maintaining safety measures is mandatory. That’s why choosing a reliable company near your locality is very important. Handyman Garage Door is one of the trustworthy companies in the new jersey area. If you want to install a new garage door or need a repairing service, or a replacement, make sure that you always consult with technical experts. Our company has an experienced technical team who are still ready to help you 24/7, as fast as possible.

Main components of The System of Garage Door:

            Garage doors are generally much heavier than standard doors. The weight of a garage door may vary from 250pounds to 400 pounds. That’s why repairing or replacing a garage door is very hard as it needs much strength to lift up or down. It is essential to pay attention to if every part of the door is in proper working condition. The garage door’s main components are the door, door opener, springs, and garage door cables. Springs are of two types: large torsion springs and extension springs. If any part of these fails to work correctly, the result will be either the door will be stuck or crash down, causing a severe accident if it happens while parking or taking out a car.

            Every part of the door has separate works to do. Such as the door channels keep the door perfectly oriented. Both the springs deal with the heavyweight of the door and lifting it—the cables of a garage door work as a support system when the springs are damaged or broken.

Importance of Door Cable:

            The door cables are usually set on both sides of the extension springs and torsion springs. The main work of a cable is to move a door upwards or downwards. As it carries the stress of the door, if it breaks, the door will immediately fall. A cable drum is usually attached to the end of a torsion spring pole, and the cables are attached to the lower part of the garage door. The door cable gets folded when the door is lifted up, and the cable is unfolded when the door is lifted downwards. This happens as the torsion spring revolves around the drums. That’s how the door moves. As, it is mentioned before, if the cable breaks, it will put tension on every other part, springs, channels, rollers, and the whole door collapses. That’s why replacing garage door cable is a very tough and risky thing to do.

Replacing Garage Door Cable:

            When a garage door is damaged, it is damaged; it is very important to identify the part causing it. If you see the cable is broken, you need to replace the garage door cable. There are few steps to follow for replacing the garage door cable. Firstly, the broken cable must be removed, and during this, the door should be opened and locked with some metal poles in that position. The door can also be locked by joining vice grips at the end part of the door. It will be helpful to put a ladder to stop the door from moving downwards. After securing the door perfectly, it is ready to replace a garage door cable. Then from the base part of the garage door, the cable can be removed, and then the cable drum can be removed as well. Next, the new cable should be attached to the cable drum by following all the rules and safety measures. Divulge the cable and bind the other side of the cable surrounding the peg at the end of the door. The whole door hangs upon the cable and springs mainly. So, it is very important to make sure that there is no compromise with the quality of the cable. Bad quality and cheap cable can get rust and break very fast, and in that case, within a few days, it will need replacing garage door cable. It may happen the new cables don’t match with the old ones; in that case, the width of the cable should be perfect, and the length of the cable of the two sides must be equal. Otherwise, there will be a problem in operating the garage door after replacing the garage door cable. It is really important to replace the cable of both sides. If the lengths of the two cables are different, then the torsion spring needs to be taken care of. If you don’t know that much about a garage door and replacing garage door cable, you can contact Handyman Garage doors. We have our own expert team who have years of experience, and we also have a service van full of required equipment and important door parts.

            If you need replacing the garage door cable or any other part of your damaged garage door, or want the whole to be replaced or want to install a new door for your house, office, or any kind of property in the new jersey area, you can call Handyman Garage doors. We have free consultation services in which our expert consultant will suggest to you some doors or services which will be suitable for you and your property after analyzing your requirements and your space. Nowadays, there are so many advanced technologies with modern doors and clickers that will make your daily life much easy and trendy. The quality of service is the main thing to keep in mind while choosing a company for replacing garage door cables and other parts. Handyman Garagedoors assures you the best service. You just have to make a call, and within a few hours, our expert team will be at your door with the service van. 

Best Garage Door Setup

Along with a garage door, you should think about purchasing a garage door opener as well. It will be able to contribute a lot towards the functionality that you can get out of the garage door at the end of the day.  In fact, purchasing a Genie Garage Door opener will be able to deliver a large number of benefits to you. The biggest benefit out of them is that you will be able to open and close the garage door without having to get out of the car. This can deliver a fantastic experience.

At the time of purchasing a garage door opener, you will spot that different options are available for you to consider. Out of those different options, Genie Garage Door opener has received a lot of attention. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider so that you will be able to end up with the best Genie Garage Door opener available in the market.

You need to take a look at your preferences at the time of spending your money on a garage door opener. Then you can make sure that you will be getting the best possible experience out of what you buy.

You must also consider if you are planning to purchase a new garage door package or you are just going to fix a new opener to the existing garage door that you have got at home. The choice that you make out of these two options can contribute heavily towards the overall experience that you will end up with as well.

It is possible for you to go ahead and fix a new Genie Garage Door opener to a garage door that you already have. However, it varies depending on the type of garage door that you have. The tracks and quality of the garage door would contribute towards this fact as well. If you have any doubts, all you have to do is to get in touch with a professional service provider. Then you will be able to take a look at the different options and pick the best Genie Garage Door opener that is available to your garage. If there is no possibility for fix a garage door opener to the existing garage door, you will be provided with recommendations on how to go ahead and buy a new product.

You must also take a look at the amount of space available at the time of buying a Genie Garage Door opener. There are three main types of garage doors. They include sectional garage doors, tilt garage doors and roller garage doors. If you want to get the most out of limited space that you have, you need to go ahead with a roller garage door. Then you will be able to utilize the space efficiently.

If you want to go ahead with an older style, you can take a look at the tilt garage doors. They come along with a pivoting point, which contributes a lot towards the vintage experience that you can receive. In case if you have limited headroom, you will be able to go ahead with a roller garage door. The Genie Garage Door opener you get would vary based on this as well. This is where you will need to seek expert assistance. Then you can get hold of the best garage door opener and go ahead with experiencing the functionality that it can deliver with all the benefits.

You should take a look at the warranty that you can get with the Genie Garage Door opener as well. You are spending a considerable amount of money to purchase the garage door opener. If it stops functioning all of a sudden, you are not in a position to simply throw away the opener and go ahead with a new one. You need to get it repaired or replaced by the manufacturer. This is where you need to take a look at the warranty period that you can get from the manufacturer. The warranty period will also help you to get a better understanding about the overall quality of the product that you can receive.

Do you want to purchase a new garage door opener? Then Liftmaster Garage Door Opener will be one of the best options available out there to consider. You can get an enhanced experience out of this product as well. However, you need to make sure that you go through the different options and pick the best one out of what is available in the market.

Here are some of the most important facts that you need to consider at the time of spending your money to purchase a Liftmaster Garage Door Opener. Then you will be able to get hold of the best product, which matches with your preferences. Along with that, you will be able to secure a perfect experience with your Liftmaster Garage Door Opener as well.

  • Type of drive

As the very first thing, you need to take a look at the type of drive that comes along with the garage door opener you buy. There are three different options available to consider in here.

Chain drivers is the most common garage door opener driver available for you to consider. These drivers come along with a metal chain. This metal chain is pulled along a trolley. Therefore, you will have to experience a lot of noise. However, this is the most inexpensive garage door opener type available to consider. That’s the main reason behind the popularity of this driver.

The second type of driver is the screw drives. They are in a position to lift your garage door along with a threaded steel lock. At the time of purchasing a screw driver, you need to take a look at the latest models available in the market. They come along with an improved opening speed to deliver a better overall experience to you.

You can discover garage door openers that come along with belt drives as well. These drives are in a position to deliver quiet operational experience to you. They should be placed on top of the garage door.

  • Security and safety features

You should never ignore the security and safety features at the time of getting your hands on a Liftmaster Garage Door Opener as well. There should be a comprehensive security system, which can prevent unauthorized access to the property. In addition to that, it should come along with a dedicated safety system as well. This dedicated safety system has got the ability to deliver enhanced protection to the users from accidental closings that can take place. In addition to that, the safety features can also deliver protection during break-ins. Hence, you should never ignore it at the time of getting your Liftmaster Garage Door Opener.

  • Remote controls

Remote controls that come along with Liftmaster Garage Door Opener will provide you with the opportunity to make your life easy. Therefore, you need to make sure that your Liftmaster Garage Door Opener comes with the best remote control as well.

You need to make sure that you don’t have to get out from your car to use the remote control. You can also take a look at the key remotes and wireless keypads available out there in the market kas well. They are also in a position to deliver an enhanced operational experience out of your Liftmaster Garage Door Opener.

  • Motor

You should never ignore the motor while purchasing a Liftmaster Garage Door Opener. The efficient garage door openers are using DC motors instead of AC motors. If you are concerned about the efficiency, you need to think about purchasing a DC motor. You are also provided with the freedom to control the speed of a DC motor according to your preferences. This can deliver an enhanced experience to you out of the Liftmaster Garage Door Opener as well. On the other hand, a DC motor can offer less noise and a high level of reliability to you.

Take a look at all these factors while getting your Liftmaster Garage Door Opener. Then you will be able to make sure that you are investing on the best Liftmaster Garage Door Opener available to buy.

Beautiful New Garage Door Installation NJ

As the owner of a garage door, it is important for you to pay extra attention towards regular garage door maintenance. Otherwise, there is a high possibility for you to run into problems with the garage door. Dealing with these problems can be quite expensive and complicated. Hence, you shouldn’t think about taking any chances with that.

Here are some of the most important garage door maintenance tips shared by Amarr Garage Doors. The company has been helping people with garage door repairs and replacements for a long period of time. As a result, the company has a clear understanding about the problems that garage door owners face with their doors. If you can pay attention to these tips shared by Haas Garage Doors, you will be able to make sure that you don’t run into any such problems. This will help you to enjoy the functionality offered by the garage door for an extended duration of time as well.

  • Apply oil to all the moving parts

You should think about applying oil on the moving parts on a regular basis. In fact, the garage door is made out from a large number of moving parts. You need to identify these moving parts and properly lubricant them. Then you can overcome the damage that friction can create on the moving parts of the garage door. This can help you to use the garage door without any problems for a long time period as well.

  • Take a look at all the bolts and screws

Apart from oiling, you need to take a look at the bolts and screws found on the garage door. These bolts and screws can get lighten along with time. During the inspection, you will be able to spot them. As soon as you spot the problems, you need to go ahead and get them fixed. This can eventually help you to secure a better experience with your garage door. You will be opening and closing the garage door at least thousand times a year. Hence, there is a high possibility for these bolts and screws to loosen along with time as well.

  • Replace the weather-stripping

Weather strip is a piece of rubber, which is attached to the bottom of the garage door. You will be able to find it in a U shape. It has got the ability to provide enhanced protection to the garage door against rain water. In addition to that, weather-stripping can provide protection against rodents and debris as well. According to Haas Garage Doors, this is one of the most vulnerable parts of your garage door to damages. Therefore, you must inspect it on a regular basis and get that replaced.

  • Clear the tracks

The tracks of your garage doors can get jammed with dirt and debris along with time. You need to learn how to clear those tracks as well. It can also provide you with the chance to get a better operational experience out of your garage door at the end of the day as well. You need to make sure that there is no debris or trash present in the tracks of the garage door tracks. Then you can make sure that there is no possibility for any physical damage to take place as well. The tracks should be aligned and straight. If the tracks are damaged, you will be able to hear a noise when opening or closing the door as well. In such a situation, you can contact Haas Garage Doors and get that fixed.

  • Inspect the cables visually

Last but not least, Amarr Garage Doors encourages you to visually inspect the cables that you have. You will not be able to take a look at the cables inside your garage door and inspect. However, you will still be able to detect the problems in your garage door cables by visually inspecting the part that is visible outdoors.

These are some of the most effective garage door maintenance tips available for you to follow. All the garage door owners are strongly encouraged to think about following these maintenance tips. Then you can make sure that your garage doors are in good condition at all times.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Build and Repair

As a garage door owner, it is better if you can have a clear understanding about the functionality that you can get out of it at the end of the day. Then you will be able to get the best possible experience out of your garage door. This understanding can also provide a great assistance for you to operate the garage door safely, so that you are not causing any damage to it with day to day operations.

The functionality of Garage Door Torsion Springs

While understanding the functionality of garage doors, you need to take a look at Garage Door Torsion Springs. In a typical garage door, it is possible for you to find two different types of springs. Out of those two different types of springs, Garage Door Torsion Springs is one type of spring that contributes a lot towards the functionality that you can get at the end of the day.

The Garage Door Torsion Springs are in a position to balance your garage door. These springs are located on top of the garage door. The springs are secured with the assistance of a metal shaft. It is passing via the middle portion of the springs. However, this can slightly vary depending on the exact design of the garage door that you have. Therefore, you need to take a look at your garage door and figure out the exact placement. Your garage door installation company will be able to share more details about this along with you.

The Garage Door Torsion Springs will be installed along with the other functions or pieces of the garage door. Therefore, you can think about calling it as one of the vital parts of the entire garage door system as well. If you want to get an enhanced experience out of your garage door, you need to make sure that it is functioning in perfect condition at all times.

How to detect a problem in Garage Door Torsion Springs?

Do you find it as a difficult task to open or close your garage door? Then there is a high possibility for the problem to be present in Garage Door Torsion Springs. Hence, you need to go ahead with appropriate repairs in a timely manner. Otherwise, you will be causing more damages to the Garage Door Torsion Springs. This might even lead you towards the replacement of the entire garage door. You shouldn’t wait until that happens to you.

Once you detect a problem in the Garage Door Torsion Springs, you are not encouraged to get the problem fixed on your own. That’s because you are not in a position to fix the problems in Garage Door Torsion Springs. You will need to seek the assistance of an expert service provider to inspect the problem that you have and get it repaired. This method is the most cost-effective method available for you to fix the garage door problems as well.

Why are Garage Door Torsion Springs important?

The ordinary springs that you can discover in your garage door are designed to retain the entire structure of the garage door. On the other hand, Garage Door Torsion Springs are in a position to store the tension for a longer period of time.

The Garage Door Torsion Springs come along with some unique characteristics. These unique characteristics contribute a lot towards the functionality offered by your garage door at the end of the day.

Dealing with problems in Garage Door Torsion Springs can be quite expensive. However, you don’t need to worry too much about it. That’s because there are certain measures that you can take in order to make sure that such problems don’t take place. That’s where regular checks on the Garage Door Torsion Springs will be able to assist you with. You will not be able to do these regular checks on your own as well. That’s because you don’t have a clear understanding on what aspects that you need to check at the time of inspections. Hence, you need to think about getting the assistance of a professional service provider to deal with it as well The expert that you are working with will help you detect all problems in advance.

Vinyl Amarr Garage Door Installation

Garage door cables play a major role behind the functionality of garage doors. However, you will come across the need to replace these cables from time to time. That’s because the garage door cables are subjected to wear and tear along with time. If you wonder whether you can replace the garage door cables on your own, you are encouraged to keep on reading. We will share more details on it and help you to make a decision.

What makes your garage door cables break?

Even though garage door cables are known as tension springs, they are not quite similar to the ordinary springs that you can find out there. In other words, this spring would not wound around a shaft. Instead, it can provide a complete winding. Therefore, you can either call it as a spring or a cable.

All the garage door cables are made out a study steel. Hence, you will be able to get a high level of durability from them. However, you need to know that they will not last forever and there is a possibility for them to break along with time as well. In such a situation, you should go ahead with replacing the garage door cables. The time taken for the garage door cables would vary from one garage to another. In fact, it varies depending on the time that you open and close the garage door.

When one of the garage doors cables breaks, the other cables would break as well. That’s because all the garage door cables should be strongly available to support the weight of the garage door. You should be mindful about this fact and make sure that you go ahead with appropriate repairs in a timely manner.

How to repair a broken garage door cable?

We will share some details on how to replace a broken garage door cable as well. Then you can understand whether you are in a position to go ahead and get the job done on your own as well.

As the very first step, you should go ahead and measure the existing garage door cable that you have. This is where you need to remove the existing cable. This is not the easiest job that you can do. That’s because a simple mistake that you do will be enough to ruin the entire garage door. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have the capability to go ahead with the job and end up with positive results offered by it.

If you cannot measure the length of the garage door cable, you can simply contact the manufacturer and get to know about it. Then you will be able to understand the existing dimensions. Then you will be able to go ahead and order a new replacement garage door cable.

Once you have the new garage door cable with you, you will be able to get started with the replacement job. This job requires the usage of some specialized tools as well. You need to make sure that you are equipped with those tools before you proceed as well.

For example, you will need to remove the existing cable with the help of a specialized tool designed to get the job done. Then you need to replace the new garage door cable. While doing it, you need to make sure that the winding bars don’t slip out from the cones. If that happens, you will have to go ahead with an expensive replacement job. You need to make sure that you are not causing any such damage to the garage door.

If garage door cable binds, you will not be able to close the garage door completely. You should be mindful about this at the time of garage door cables replacement as well.

Contact an expert

As you can see, you will have to focus on a variety of factors and you need to get ready with appropriate tools that are designed to get the job done. If you don’t have required tools or expertise to get the job done, you are encouraged to contact an expert. Then you will be able to get the job done without causing any additional harm to the garage door.

Spring Repairs

Garage doors pose a serious safety hazard when not maintained. We tend to think that automatic garage door dangers disappeared with the 1980s after the Consumer Product Safety Commission released a report exposing the number of avoidable deaths caused by automatic garage door openers. 

But, unfortunately, garage door accidents and fatalities caused by them still happen in the twenty-first century. 

Your home has no moving part larger than a garage door. You drive under it multiple times a week, and your children run under it regularly as they play in your garage and front yard. Yet few people think about the danger lurking in their home. 

A basic garage door spring adjustment could save you potentially thousands of dollars in repair and garage door replacement not to mention peace of mind. 

To better understand if you need a garage door spring adjustment, you first need to understand the basic parts of your garage door. 

What are the Basic Parts of a Working Garage Door?

Unlike any other door, a garage door consists of more than a piece of wood and some hinges.

A basic garage door operated by an automatic garage door opener consists of the door typically made up of multiple panels, torsion springs, extension springs, a motor, and a system of pulleys and cables. You should also have the tracks for the door and the cylinder and wheels that run in the tracks. 

The torsion spring typically is found on the wall above the garage door. Usually, just larger garage doors have the torsion spring. 

You can find the extension spring on the sides of a one-piece garage door or above the horizontal tracks that use a cable and pulley system. 

How Do You Know Your Garage Door is Breaking? 

Some people have the gift of seeing their door break before their eyes with no real harm to any person or property. When the door slams down on the concrete under it, you know you have a problem.

But other than seeing the door break in front of you, how do you know your door needs maintenance?

Visual Inspection

Begin with a visual inspection. 

Examine the garage door springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys carefully. Check out all the working parts of the garage door when the door is down all the way.

Look out especially for materials that have rust on them, have cracks, or just look worn. Even if your springs look good, wear and tear on other parts can put undue stress on the springs and cause them to wear out faster. 

If your door is crooked, the extension or cable may be damaged. Watch out for those cockeyed doors. 

Complete a monthly visual inspection of your garage door and parts. 

Door Balance Test

Then, conduct a door balance test. You can test the balance of the garage door by releasing the electronic mechanism once the door is down and then attempting to lift the door by hand. You should be able to lift the door smoothly with little resistance.

If your door refuses to open, you know you have a problem. Most likely, you have an issue with the springs. At this point, you should forego your own personal inspection and instead schedule an inspection with a professional. 

Force Setting Test

Try to run a force setting test. Begin by opening the door fully. Then use the wall button or the door opener’s transmitter to automatically close the door. 

Stand by the door and hold the bottom of the door with your hands outstretched. The door should pop right back up once you put some resistance on it. If it keeps closing or has difficulty popping back up, then remove your hands and let the door go down. 

If your door fails the force setting test, you need to have the safety mechanism or springs adjusted by a professional.

Listen to Your Door

Listen to your door as it works. A properly maintained garage door should be relatively quiet. If you hear a creaking, grinding, or squeaking noise, the springs are strained and need some repair. 

Watch your door work. If you notice your door moving more slowly than normal, you may have a broken spring. A broken spring will prevent a motor from reaching its normal speed.  

Do You Need a Garage Door Spring Adjustment? 

All of these signs (strange noises, slowly moving door, wear and tear) could indicate a spring problem. If you notice the springs have visible wearing or that they’re beginning to separate, you need a garage door spring adjustment.

If the springs are stretched out or elongated, you will have a loss of tension and potentially other bigger problems than just a stressed spring. 

Always contact a garage door expert to adjust your garage door spring. If the torsion spring breaks as you’re fixing it, the garage door will come slamming down, posing a serious threat to anyone near it. 

Do You Need to Replace Door Panels? 

In the process of examining your garage parts, you may notice a problem with the door itself such as peeling, fading, rusting or dented doors. You can replace single panels if you need to. 

Properly maintained doors can last a long time, up to 50 years some experts claim, but when not maintained, your door can break down in just a few years. 

As with garage door spring adjustments, you should not attempt to replace door panels or a garage door on your own. Garage door experts can save you time, money, and the potential pain of the injury that comes from not knowing what you’re doing with the heaviest thing in on your property. 

If you have paint cracking or peeling on the wood garage door panels, or if the door is cracked, there may be moisture in the door, and you need to replace it. 

If your doors are bent or sagging, or if you have large gaps where the door is closed, then you need to consider replacing the garage door. 

How to Maintain Your Garage Door

After inspecting your door, if you find you have no need to repair springs, take some time to maintain what you have. Use a silicone-based spray to lubricate the moving parts of your garage door. Consult your owner’s manual for the amount of lubrication your particular door needs. 

Spring Into Action

If you need a garage door spring adjustment or any other garage door work, take a moment to contact us, and we can help you get in and out of your garage easily once again. 

Wood Garage Doors
Wood Garage Doors 7400 series

Your garage door is not only an important part of your home’s overall function, but it also helps to spruce up your curb appeal.

If you’re looking to replace your old garage door, choosing the right material can be a challenge.

Check out this list of five reasons you should choose a wood garage door to give your home an attractive look that lasts.

1. A Wood Garage Door Adds Beauty to Your Home

One of the most obvious reasons wood garage door panels are a wise choice is that they bring a warm, inviting look to your home. Natural wood is beautiful in any application, and it’s also extremely versatile.

Wood garage doors look fantastic with any style of home ranging from classic colonials to contemporary houses. That makes it one of the most popular choices for many homeowners.

Not only do wood garage doors look gorgeous, but they also come in a wider range of finishes, stains, and even different types of wood. You can choose between a variety of styles like classic designs, carriage style doors, and even something a bit more modern if you prefer.

Simply having this type of variety available is one reason people opt for a wood garage door over metal or another material. Since wood can be stained, you can even select a custom color to go with your home.

2. Durability

Many wood garage doors include a natural treatment that can help to increase the door’s lifespan. Apply certain types of oils to the door can protect it from issues like warping, bending, and rotting.

When you apply a treatment to the garage door, it will last a long time and continue to look as good as new for many years, You can also easily re-apply any wood treatments or finishes over time for easy maintenance.

These doors are highly durable and can stand up to the weather as well as to heavy use. They’re also very easy to repair since they don’t crack like other materials such as vinyl, aluminum, and even steel.

Another bonus? Wood garage doors can be replaced if they get damaged since you can easily just replace a panel or two at a time instead of the entire door.

3. Customization Options

Most vinyl and aluminum garage doors come in pre-cut designs and sizes. With a wood garage door, you can customize the size, shape, and style to accommodate your home and your preference.

In addition to your choice of stain or finish, you can also have your door carved with various panels or details. This will give the garage door a personal touch that only your home will have.

If your home’s foundation is not entirely level, it can cause serious gaps in your garage door. This allows cold and hot air to enter and escape, which can affect the energy efficiency of your home.

If you choose a custom wood garage door, the bottom can be cut to a precise angle that lines up perfectly with the foundation of the home. This means that the door can precisely line up to the level of concrete found on the floor of your garage. The door can be crafted to be longer or shorter as needed.

4. Garage Doors for Every Budget

Even if you don’t have a ton of money to spend on your new garage door, wood doors are highly affordable. Choose from doors in the mid-price range all the way up to custom-crafted prices.

A more affordable version of wood garage doors consists of a lightweight wooden frame. This frame is filled with insulation and then wrapped in a layer of plywood or a hardwood skin.

They look just as beautiful as a solid wood door, and they can also be customized in terms of color and finish. The layer of insulation works well to keep your home and garage protected.

For higher-end wood garage doors, you’ll find them made of frames and panels. The wood is usually solid cedar, mahogany, or redwood which adds a luxurious look to your home. 

5. Various Door Styles

Depending on the size of your home, your garage, and your driveway, you can choose a wood garage door style that works for your needs. These doors can come in a range of formats, and each one opens in a different way.

The most affordable style is a tilt-up door. The door is easy to build and offers you a durable, stable, and affordable option that simply tilts up to open, then down again to close.

Roll-up garage doors are another popular choice that is made in sections fastened by a plywood panel over a sturdy wood frame. Several rectangular panels are fitted together, and then door simply rolls up and down as needed for safe operation.

Carriage-style garage doors are beautiful, but they’re really recommended for people who have plenty of room since they swing open just like a regular door. This type of garage door looks stunning on a craftsman or rustic home.

Enhance Your Home with Wood

Whether you live in an older home or a brand-new modern space, a wood garage door can bring beauty and functionality. These durable doors come in a huge array of price ranges, materials, and styles.

Take a closer look at the assortment of available garage doors so you can find the perfect one for your family.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for your garage door needs, and visit our website for information on repair services and more.


If you are having trouble with your garage door and need assistance you have come to the right place. Handyman Garage Door repair Westfield NJ helps provide a solution for any of your garage door problems. Nonetheless, we work in your local Union County, NJ community and its surrounding areas. With over 100 years of combined experience you can be sure to be confident the job will get done correctly the first time.



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A big question people always have is what type of garage door is best for me? Nonetheless, home owners know minimal information about how garage door openers work and what type would be best for their door. Handyman Garage Doors is a authorized dealer for Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and Genie. Our technicians evaluate the best garage door opener for your exact door before giving a recommendation.

Garage Door Repair Union TWP NJ

Garage doors can be tough to repair if you are considering repairing one on your own. You think you can rely on your local serviceman. Still, the novice and amateur technicians only give you a temporary fix, which makes the door even more susceptible to breakdowns and uses non-branded parts prone to get damaged early compared to the original ones. Rest assured, as our garage door repairs at Union TWP NJ are professional five stars rated handypersons who have decades of experience and expertise over garage door fixes and restoration expertise. Our facilities are situated in your local area, so we indeed have a good idea of what kind of weather is suitable and the required changes and customization the door requires to withstand the weather conditions—the material, the oiling, specific features, etc. all solutions and answers at a single stop. You won’t need constant repairs for your garage door once it gets a professional touch of repair.

Our premium services include,

  • Garage door spring repair
  • Garage door opener repair
  • Broken garage door cable repair
  • Rollers off track
  • Garage door installation
  • Weather Stripping
  • Overhead garage doors
  • Etc. this is not an exclusive list of things but just a main course of actions and prowess.

Our 24/7 emergency services let you contact us whenever you require assistance regarding a breakdown of your beloved garage door. Even if you need a regular service, our technicians arrive for your help the same day you booked and registered for our services. With proper tools and required equipment, they start the door’s inspection to identify wherever servicing and repairs are needed and give you a rough estimation of the costs you may have to incur if you choose to repair it. Aside from speedy and precise restoration, if your garage door is too old and beyond repairs, we also provide you with new garage door installation immediately during the repairs. The trip charges would be adjusted, too, so you do not need to worry; since our garage door repair services at Union TWP NJ are designed to be pocket-friendly, we do not charge any unnecessary fee. The garage door of your expected choice of material like wood, steel, or plastic can be installed with your specified features and fabrications which suit your needs and demands.

A common question arises as to what kind of door would be suitable for me, do not worry as we have your back covered. Our customer also assists you with all the details and information you might need to know before installing or repairing your garage door. With expert tips and tricks, which they acquired after careful evaluation of the machinery after years of experience in repairs and restoration, we also provide you with a theoretical guide that helps you maintain your beloved garage door so it won’t be as prone to needing repairs. What are you waiting for? Avail to our services now to have your dream door installed!